Elbert Brown, Sr.

Apostle Elbert Brown is a native of Chicago, IL. Apostle Brown was saved in May of 1977. Trained under the covering of Apostle John S. Wilson of Miracle Deliverance Temple COGIC in San Diego, CA, Apostle Brown was filled with the Holy Ghost on July 29, 1977 and was called into Christian ministry on September 22, 1977 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, a Naval air craft carrier.

Then Minister Brown worked with Apostle Wilson for the next 10 years. While in San Diego, Minister Brown received additional ministerial and theological training from Pt. Loma Bible College. It was during this time with Apostle Wilson that Minister Brown was terminal with cancer and miraculously healed by the hand of God. Minister Brown relocated back to Chicago in 1985 and worked with various pastors and ministries in the city. Because of tragedy in Chicago, Minister Brown relocated to Kentucky. During this period, Minister Brown, working with other pastors became weary and left the ministry.

In 1987 Minister Brown, still weary, relocated to Atlanta, GA. There he met and married Dale Croft. Through the mercy of God and love of his wife Dale, who serves by his side, Minister Brown rededicated his life back to God and service and returned to Christian ministry. They joined Pastor Dianne R. Collins of Faith Walk Ministries in Riverdale, GA where he was licensed and ordained. They helped build up the foundation and body of the ministry. In 1993 Elder Brown was called to pastor. Confirmed by Pastor Collins, the Browns moved to Greenville, SC and began Restoration Church of Deliverance. The Browns pastored for four years, then helped Dale’s uncle at Cedar Grove Baptist Church for four years. The Browns relocated back to Atlanta, GA in 2001 and rejoined Faith Walk Ministries. In 2003 the Browns reformed Restoration Church of Deliverance.

The Browns moved the ministry under the covering and direction of Chief Apostle Mary E. Winfrey where they and the ministry remain and humbly serve.

Apostle Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Memphis University. He has travelled internationally, served in prison ministry, street evangelism and homeless ministry. Apostle Brown and wife Pastor Dale Brown have one son, Samuel, born to their union. Apostle Brown is also the father to five other children and six grandchildren. Apostle Brown is a man of faith and loves to serve others!